Step 4.2 (2014)

Choreography: Ephrat Asherie
Music by: Martin Brodin

A modern day pas de deux, Step 4.2, embodies a fleeting connection between two dancers at the club.  An ephemeral meeting where all is left unspoken, this work offers a glimpse into the depth of New York City's underground house scene.
"Asherie and Colter's feet seem to flicker a few inches in the air throughout Step 4.2. They're like a modern day Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, flying around the stage on their feet, knees, elbows and any other part of the body that moves in perfect unison." - Ken Ross,
Step 4.2. was made possible in part by the Workspace Residency Program through the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Approximately 7 minutes in length.