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Ephrat Asherie Dance delivers high-energy program

By Tresca Weinstein CHATHAM - Ephrat Asherie Dance is named for its founder and choreographer, but the company's program at PS21 Friday evening was a family affair. Asherie's brother Ehud recorded Ernesto Nazareth's score for "Odeon" and played piano live on stage for "Riff This, Riff That" (joined by three other terrific musicians-Chris Haney, Bruce Harris and Brandon Lewis).

Remake The World: La MaMa Moves!

In these perilous, challenging and unpredictable times in our country and in the world, we can look to the performing arts for some clues as to how we might respond and continue to live our lives with vigilance, and hopefully a modicum of wisdom, to keep asking even more vital and bold questions.


In this episode we had a fascinating interview with b-girl, house dancer, choreographer and recent Bessie award winner Ephrat Asherie of Ephrat Asherie Dance. Ephrat revealed how she discovered and became drawn to the "immediacy" of breaking and house dancing. In the process, we learned about the history, music and context behind these dance traditions...

Pros, Sure. But Reborn as Party Animals on the Dance Floor.

And formal training doesn't always lend itself to dancing just for fun. The choreographer Aynsley Vandenbrouke started out studying ballet and classical modern, "where you were told what to do all the time," she said. "I didn't have an improvisation practice like I do now.

Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie - Dance Teacher magazine

Music for street dance Ephrat Asherie is a break-dancer with an academic bent. Known in street-dance circles as Bounce, the Israel native is earning her MFA in part by researching the roots of street dance in ... Continue reading →

Dance Review: Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival alive with Unreal Hip-Hop

BECKET - Vivaldi. Louis Armstrong. The Bee Gees. Fred Astaire. Lionel Richie. The theme song from Mister Rogers Neighborhood. All these songs and many more serve as the backdrop for the breathtaking moves performed by dancers with nicknames like Cricket, Bounce, Megz and The Wondertwins.

"Bounce" Into Breaking with Ephrat Asherie

Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie "It would be a pretty uninspired life if you stopped growing as a person." This week Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie talks to MD about choosing what you want now and figuring out the hows later. She has trained extensively in ballet and modern dance but found her artistic home in breaking, hip hop...

Reviews: A Wild Ride and a Nomadic Journey at River to River Festival

"Riff this" shows Ms. Asherie's entrancing qualities as a dancer: She is both tough and supple. But Ms. Asherie has much more room to riff on her ideas about tradition in dance; in its current form, the piece, just 25 minutes, feels like a beginning, not an ending.


"Choreography in Focus" with Ephrat Asherie

Choreographer Ephrat Asherie talks about how she went from ballet to hip hop and her new project with Ailey students.

River to River Festival Embraces Ambiguity

We had been instructed to watch the performance, which continued outside in the yard, through any open window. From my perch on the second floor, the women and a third dancer, Addys Gonzalez, looked like poetic, almost tragic misfits in a landscape dotted with picnicking families and bluegrass bands.

The Apollo Presents 'James Brown: Get on the Good Foot'

Mr. Grant is a tap dancer, a masterful one, and his fancy footwork implicitly reveals a source of Brown's swiveling style. Souleymane Badolo is from Burkina Faso, and his choreography (with gentle jokes about the shining of shoeless feet) points at once to deeper roots and to a circular influence in Africa.

Ephrat Asherie - Dance Teacher magazine

How I teach breaking It's not often that a b-girl breaks down a move using Graham technique vocabulary, or describes another position as being similar to a grand plié. But Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie, who teaches at ... Continue reading →